Color With Care



The Success Story of the 30 Days of Color with Care

Wow! What a great achievement and what amazing Acts of Awesomeness took place during the Color With Care campaign! We received over 200 creative, beautiful submissions from you all!

So, in order to keep everybody up to speed, Awesomeness TV are looking carefully at all the submissions and standardizing them so that a coloring book of about 100 pages can be made. These coloring designs will be collated and sent to the hospitals Teen Cancer America are partnering with for young people going through cancer to use.The compilation of the Acts of Awesomeness Coloring Book for TCA will hopefully eventually be available on line as a download!

We also want to tell the story of the impact of the coloring books with our young people in hospital when they start receiving them. So as the coloring book gets used, we will be asking you to send in photos of your colored pages!

We’d Like to Know:

  • What did using this book mean to you?
  • What happened to your coloring design after it was completed?
  • What was your favorite design?


Check Out What Others Have Done:



“I think coloring is such a great stress-reliever because it allows people to express their feelings via art. Some people have a lot of stress and truly terrifying things happening in their lives. For teens, this can be especially hard without some time to reflect and express the spectrum of emotions they are feeling. I hope that by making these pages, someone out there gets the chance to relax and have a little fun during a scary part of their lives.”




“So happy that kids can enjoy my drawings!!!”




“This campaign is important to me because I know a lot of people who have been affected by cancer. I can only imagine how taxing it can be not only on that person’s physical health, but also their emotions. Coloring is calming, and having something good/fun to do in the midst of dealing with cancer can only help someone affected by cancer. I just want to impact others positively, and this is one way I can accomplish that!”




“I was diagnosed with cancer at fourteen years old so I know how slowly time can go by in the hospital. This is a great idea to keep kids and their minds busy.”





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