GOLD for Sarah Thomas

September is Childhood Cancer Awareness Month



“This photo was taken shortly after my second thyroid cancer surgery, it’s significant because I am smiling. Just a few days earlier, sick from meds, I broke down and admitted to my parents that I didn’t think I could handle going off to UNC a month later to start my freshman year. I felt too sick and uncertain to start a new adventure.

I didn’t tell anyone that story at the time because I felt alone in the struggle and didn’t think anyone my age would understand my insecurity. Teenage cancer is rare, but it’s real. I am so lucky because I got to go be a kid after this stuff. Others aren’t as lucky, and I know that other kids out there today feel as alone as I did then.

We need to raise awareness for them, we need to rally for them, and we need to let them know that they are NOT alone.

I would not have been smiling in this picture had it not been for people lifting me up, and I can never thank them enough for it. This disease touches all of us, so let’s all lend a hand in helping defeat it. In recognition of this month, please consider checking out two charities close to my heart, Teen Cancer America and Be Loud Sophie Foundation. Or, donate to a cancer charity that’s close to your heart.

Thank you, love to you all, and rock on ❤️”

- Sarah Thomas


#TeensGoGOLD #ChildhoodCancerAwarenessMonth

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