GOLD Month

September is Childhood Cancer Awareness Month


Along with families, caregivers, other charities and research groups Teen Cancer America is observing Childhood Cancer Awareness month this September! We want to raise awareness, remember and honor children, and families affected by cancer. We know how much a diagnosis can turn the lives of the entire family upside down and how isolated young people feel once they hear those words “ You have cancer”.

According to the ACCO, 15,780 children under the age of 21 are diagnosed with cancer in the U.S. every year and the majority of those, around two thirds, are over the age of 13. A quarter of these children diagnosed will not survive!

Help raise awareness, help raise funds and help raise support but mostly, we want to highlight the need for young people going through cancer to be recognized as having different needs in this National Childhood Cancer Awareness Month. So Teen Cancer America will GO GOLD this month but in honor and recognition of this age group, 13-25, using the #teensgogold!

As advocates for young people it is essential we raise awareness about teenagers with cancer because so many more young people in this demographic get diagnosed than young children. The cancers they get are rare and difficult to treat and some types have seen no improvement for 30 years. They are also a ‘hidden population” treated either with small children or older adults but not recognized as the unique group that they are! So along with other child/teen cancer charities, let’s work together and make this a talking month, an action month, an awareness month especially as we return to work, school and college this September.

You can HELP by:

Going GOLD This month!! 

Get Connected

  • Raise awareness and Go GOLD this month on your social media! Use #TeensGoGold
  • Like and share TCA’s posts on social media
  • For a chance to be featured on our pages, don’t forget to:
  • Tag Us @TeenCancerAmerica or Tweet us @TeenCancerUSA


Get Talking


Get Active

Register with TCA to run in the LA Marathon 2018 next March where you make a difference by running / walking / volunteering to participate in the:

  • 26.2 mile race from Dodgers Stadium to Santa Monica Beach
  • New Charity Stadium versus the Sea Challenge – 13.1 mile race
  • 5K race in Elysian Park


List of ideas:

  1. Dress up head to toe in goldand post a picture using #ROARinGOLD4TCA with all of your friends to make noise for teens with cancer
  2. Get your football team to Go Gold! Use a gold football, have your cheerleaders use gold pom-poms, have fans or players wear gold, have a representative talk to everyone about Teen Cancer America and get everyone involved! #TeensGoGold
  3. If you’re an artist, Go gold with your artwork! Whether you use a gold pen or use gold sparkles, get creative and share your work around school, on social media. Tag us @TeenCancerAmerica for a chance to be featured on our page!! #TeensGoGold
  4. Organize your own event and make the event’s theme #TeensGoGold! Whether it be a run, concert, party, etc. get everyone involved and raise money and awareness for Teen Cancer America! Email to get in touch with us!
  5. Have a day at school where everyone wears something gold. Explain to everyone why they are wearing gold, have an assembly, pass out flyers, anything to raise awareness and call it #TeensGoGold Day (September 13 is National Childhood Awareness Day, so that would be the perfect day)!
  6. Have a gold bake sale! Decorate cakes, cookies, anything with gold sprinkles and decorations and put on a bake sale at school. At the sale have flyers to explain why it is so important to help #TeensGoGold!
  7. Spray paint your shoes gold or wear gold shoelaces and encourage everyone to do so too! When people ask why you have gold shoes be sure to mention that it is Childhood Cancer Month and that you’re going gold for teens hidden in that month! #TeensGoGold
  8. Have a gold FLASH MOB! Find a song that has to do with gold, dress up, make and dance and spread joy and dance as you #TeensGoGold. Spread awareness for Teen Cancer America and make some noise!
  9. Get your sports team (swimming, track, tennis, dance, basketball, baseball, ANYTHING) to wear gold at one of their games to raise awareness for Childhood Cancer Month and teens in specific! #TeensGoGold
  10. Collect gold makeup (eyeshadow, lipstick, lotion, etc.) and make gift bags to give to your local hospital. Create a tutorial with the makeup and show others how you can help #TeensGoGold with makeup for your next night out!
  11. Show off your school’s gold trophies and have a little friendly competition to see who has the most gold trophies/medals and awards in honor of Childhood Cancer Month! Celebrate how well your school has done and show them off!! #TeensGoGold
  12. As you go back to school get a group of your friends together to run in our LA BIG 5k! You get community service, you get to GO gold, and you get to help better the future for teens with cancer.
  13. Go For gold and support a runner in the LA BIG 5k! Fundraise for a specific runner or for our whole team and watch them literally GoForGold in the LA Marathon/5k. #TeensGoGold
  14. Go For gold and cheer on Teen Cancer America’s Band on the Run Team this Spring! Get some of your friends and make up some fun cheers and come support us on the big day – March 19th 2017!!! #TeensGoGold
  15. Use snapchat filters (the bee, the gold halo, the lion) and #ROAR4TCA as you GO GOLD!

List of ideas:

  1. Change your banner on social media to Teen Cancer America’s gold banner!
  2. Add Teen Cancer America’s email signature and insert a link to our donation page in all of your emails!
  3. Promote Teen Cancer America via your company’s newsletter
  4. Create a computer screensaver for everyone in the office to use in September that has a gold theme!
  5. Decorate your office or your space with gold banners or streamers to remind everyone that this is Teen Cancer Awareness month!
  6. Ask your company/employees to promote Teen Cancer America via their social media accounts – Instagram / Facebook / Twitter
  7. Help us throw an event for Teen Cancer America using your space!
  8. Create a gold Money Box and encourage everyone in the office to donate their spare change. Any amount of money will help!
  9. Start a photo video campaign and encourage colleagues to get involved in our #TeenGoGold month and do a gold #Roar4TCA
  10. Pick one thing to cut down and stop doing this month, and donate the funds you save to Teen Cancer America!
  11. Dress up and wear gold to work one day – encourage others in your workplace and collect donations for participation
  12. Host a gold themed event – a coffee and cake morning, a wine tasting evening or a dinner party and donate all proceeds to Teen Cancer America!
  13. Here are some other fun “gold” activities you might like to think about :
    • Have an ice cream stand in your office / hold a coffee morning / bring in cupcakes and sell them / have a company “gold” lunch, picnic or barbeque or hold a Bingo Fun night!
  14. Arrange a charity walk / bike ride / swimathon / ironman challenge / bowling or golf tournament / sponsored sky dive
  15. Consider regularly donating a fixed sum of your salary to Teen Cancer America!
  16. Ask another corporation or individual to match any donations your organization collects in a specified amount of time and tell them you’re doing it to raise awareness for Teens with Cancer

A Call To Action