Seeing what the other coast has to offer...not bad!
Seeing what the other coast has to offer…not bad!

For me, it’s a strange thing seeing the sun rise over the ocean and then set over land. But it sure is just as pretty. The coast up here in Maine just seems like one of the most peaceful areas you could find. All the sailboats! Are they for real or are they props? Just awesome to see them floating around out there.

We met with Julia, who was diagnosed at 25 just as she was recently engaged. There are all sorts of young adult cancer issues that come up of course and one of them is how treatment effects relationships. But she and her fiancé did really well and recently have adopted a baby.


So to end what was probably the longest driving day of the entire trip, we hopped in the car and got down to Plymouth Rock.

I really wanted to see where the Mayflower landed! And we also needed to get out of the path of what was looking like a really horrible storm that was coming in. So we hightailed it down the coast.


Of course we got to the park where Plymouth rock supposedly is and looked around and it was POURING RAIN. So, I decided to turn left up the beach and keep looking. I never found it.

Later that day I heard from an friend that I went the wrong way. The actual rock was just to the right of us, and, while I expected it to be this HUGE ROCK, it’s apparently not that big at all. Still feeling silly…

Definitely blaming it on the rain.

Checking out the Mayflower
Checking out the Mayflower

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