All these states are so close together you’d think it would be easy to run around and film everybody! But this one drive was a doozy. A very pretty doozy, though. We drove through the Green Mountains and in the early morning a low fog it felt like something out of Lord of the Rings.

But we got all the way to the other end of Vermont and had a great time interviewing Ashley who’s recently out of treatment for Acute Lymphoblasatic Leukemia (ALL). She is also really into hunting and she told us all about the best hunting spots in Vermont! Not that you’re going to see any footage of me hunting moose anytime soon. But still, it’s an interesting way of life up here.


Then we had a bonus interview with Jacob who is 14 and currently undergoing treatment, also for ALL. His favorite pastime is running around with his friends, teepeeing the neighbors. Ah, I was just like him.

your typical, fourteen-year-old troublemaker
your typical, fourteen-year-old troublemaker

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