Learn the Signs of TYA Cancer



Be Aware

Teenagers, busy with sports and activities, often do not notice the first symptoms of their cancer, or attribute them to other parts of their lifestyle. Know the 5 most common signs to watch out for. If the following symptoms are consistent and unexplained, always see your doctor:

  • Pain
  • Lump, bump, swelling
  • Significant weight loss
  • Extreme tiredness
  • Changes in a mole

These signs and symptoms can be difficult to spot amidst the normal bumps, bruises, growth spurts and mood swings. However, early detection is key; by knowing the 5 common signs of cancer in young people, you could help save a life.

Worried you have cancer? See your doctor! Be persistent if you feel your issues are not being solved, it is important to pay attention to your own body. The chances of it being cancer are very small, but it’s better to get it checked.



Teenagers can, and do, get cancer – talk about it in your schools with teachers and classmates. Share the five common signs of cancer in young people. One idea is to put up posters somewhere young people will see them, like at your local doctor’s office, youth club or gym, or share our tips on social media.

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