My name is Hernan. I was 15 when I went through treatment for Acute Myelogenous Leukemia. Somehow I beat it - but I felt so much was wrong about my experience. Things that could have helped other young people survive were missing.

Now, I'm on a crusade to film the stories of teenage cancer fighters all across America. So far I've covered 34 states; I've driven 14,500 miles and have gathered 15 terabytes of footage, but I'm a long way from finished. I need your help to reach those teens in the remaining states that so desperately need to be heard. Join me and we will tell their story together!

A Call To Action

Cancer Rebellion

Hernan Barangan’s Cancer Rebellion aims to change the face of US healthcare for teenagers and young adults with cancer. All across the US, teenagers and young adult are either treated in the same units as small children or the elderly.

Hernan’s quest is to film the voices of young cancer patients from every state in the country. Their stories will raise the profile of the unique challenges they face. Teen Cancer America’s mission is to provide specialist facilities and lead teams of experts that understand how best to support teens and young adults and treat the rare cancers that affect them. We are proud to have such an extraordinary and talented filmmaker who has overcome his own cancer to create a lasting legacy for the young people of the future. Please help us to support him and look out for the Cancer Rebellion in your state!