Champagne Cuvee Roger Daltrey

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We are delighted to announce that Teen Cancer America and Roger Daltrey have partnered with Eminent Life to create a limited edition bottle of Champagne Cuvée Roger Daltrey.

The award-winning champagne is produced by Charles Orban Champagne; a family vineyard in the village of Troissy, situated on the left bank of the Marne.

Eminent Life celebrates excellence in music and the Arts by creating limited edition products carefully selected and manufactured to the highest standards. These special bottles were crafted to celebrate and acknowledge Roger’s career in The Who and beyond as a singer and actor with more than 50 years in the rock n roll industry.

Roger Daltrey also has another driving passion and along with Pete Townshend of The Who, is the Founder of Teen Cancer America, a charity making a difference in the lives of teens and young adults with cancer in the United States. Roger is deeply committed to raising awareness about teen cancer in the U.S. and wants Teen Cancer America to raise the bar on how young people with cancer are treated in hospitals by establishing specialized facilities and services to help meet their physical and emotional needs.

A percentage of the sale of each bottle of Cuvée Roger Daltrey will benefit Teen Cancer America.

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To purchase a limited edition bottle of Champagne Charles Urban: Cuvee Roger Daltrey

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