STA Travel Launches New Charity Single

For a young person confronting cancer, low self-esteem and social isolation are common. STA Travel has created a powerful music video to highlight the valuable work of youth cancer charities in making sure no young person faces cancer alone. The 6-minute clip showcases the strength of young people facing cancer in their lives, and promotes a new fundraising partnership between STA Travel and Teen Cancer America, CanTeen Australia and New Zealand and Teenage Cancer Trust in the UK. The song “Forecast” is available for download from the iTunes store and all proceeds will go directly to Teen Cancer America and the other 3 youth cancer charities in the UK, NewZealand and Australia.


Song Available Here




As a youth and student travel company and partner of Teen Cancer America, STA feel that they help millions of people explore the world each year yet they know for thousands of young people their world is turned upside down by cancer. We want to spread the word about Teen Cancer America and their important work in bringing young people with cancer together for treatment.” 


Simon Davies CEO of Teen Cancer America said, STA Travel are wonderful global partners. Their commitment to worldwide support for teens and young adults with cancer is extraordinary. This is not only a great song which all the charities will benefit from but the video produced by Hernan Barangan is compelling testimony from young people with cancer around the world about the importance of our work.”

“Many of our friends and family have been touched by cancer’s unfair hand, and we’re grateful to help in the smallest way by providing music for this cause,” drummer Jake Martin said.


The song titled “Forecast” was written and performed by nine-piece hip-hop collective Along Came Shifty, a UK band recently featured on the STA Travel Sounds new Music PlatformThe video was brought to life by STA Travel Creative Director, Tor White, with the help of US filmmaker and cancer survivor Hernan Barangan, who was sponsored by Teen Cancer America to travel across the USA to tell the stories of young people with cancer in the “Road Rebellion” – 50 States 50 Stories. Soon to be released as a documentary called “Cancer Rebellion”.  Barangan said“I’ve been working with the voices of teens from all across the US and it was a great feeling to be able to unite those voices with those of teens in UK, Australia and New Zealand. There are some things that are universal about the cancer experience. Hearing their words together makes clear the importance of every individual story. “


Over the next 5 years, STA Travel is raising money to support young people with cancer by giving travelers the opportunity to donate $2 with any booking made in the USA. All the proceeds of “Forecast” downloads from iTunes will also be split between the 4 charities.


Check out the full video Here

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