Teen Cancer America at Trevor Day School

This article was originally published in Trevor Day School’s online magazine. For more photos from the concert and information about Trevor Day School, visit www.trevor.org

Among Trevor’s diverse and socially conscious clubs and programs, is a brand new group whose primary goal is to improve the lives of teens and young adults in the US living with cancer. Teen Cancer America is the brainchild of rock legends Roger Daltrey and Pete Townshend of The Who. This organization partners with hospitals to offer support and help create youth-oriented centers for the teens battling cancer.

High School Math Teacher, Arielle Lubman, learned about this organization through a friend and thought it was a great opportunity for the students at Trevor to support kids their own age. She worked with senior Annie Michaelson to help develop this new group and spread awareness throughout the school.

“I thought it was cool that we were doing something catered to teenagers,” said Michaelson. “While I don’t know any teens affected by cancer, I do know a lot of adults. So raising money for cancer awareness is importnat to me and when you add in the teen aspect, it’s something I am very passionate about.”

Annie is widely involved in extracurricular activities at Trevor including volleyball and chorus. In October, she helped to organize the DIG PINK for Breast Cancer Awareness event with the volleyball temas that raised almost $2,000. With this successful fundraiser under her belt, and knowing how successful the choral concerts at Trevor are, she suggested to Ms. Lubman that they host a concert for Teen Cancer America.



On November 20th, they brought this goal to fruition as the students came together for Trevor’s Teen Cancer America Benefit Concert. The event was almost entirely student produced, including a bake sale and t-shirt sales. The concert was nothing short of spectacular, and it included vocal performances by numerous high school students, Trevor A Capella, and a student rock band joined by the Music Department’s Mr. Otto.

Halfway during the show, a special guest was brought to the stage to speak. Danny Alotta, a Queens native, was diagnosed with Hodgkin Lymphoma during his senior year of high school. Danny’s tale is an inspiring story of a teenager’s realization that he was no longer invincibl, and his determination to stay positive throughout his battle with cancer. Danny is an advocate for Teen Cancer America becsuse, as he said, “I realized very quickly that there were no places for teens fighting cancer. There were sections i the hospital for adults, and sections for children, but none for teens. I mean, even in prison, there is a section for teenagers!”

The Trevor community was moved by Danny’s story and inspired by the success of the concert. The students are already plannng another fundraising event for next semester, and hope that the fall benefit concert will be an annual tradition at Trevor. To learn more or to donate, please visit www.teencanceramerica.org.

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