The Indomitable Joy of Stephanie Alberts

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In the wild and often trajectory-centered way we approach our everyday lives, most of us overlook the brief flashes of light that come from those that make the most of this time. These are the people that ask us how we are doing when we just want our morning coffee, those that whistle in the corner of the office while we try to get our work done, and, in the case of Stephanie Alberts: those who take off their headscarf revealing a bald head and dance like the Six Flags guy in the midst of a battle with breast cancer. Now that, no one could ignore.

​Stephanie was a wonderful and caring friend of Teen Cancer America and the Teenage Cancer Trust throughout the charities’ histories as well as a loving wife and mother of two children, of which I am one. She passed away in March after two battles with breast cancer spanning seven years, after outlasting even the most liberal estimates of her time left after diagnosis. Even in this turbulence, she effortlessly made a positive impact on those around her. It was her nature. ​It is repeated to the point of banality that those who smile the largest are masking the most pain. While she was no stranger to hardship, my mother’s unstoppable humor and zeal for life never felt disingenuous to her children, her family, her friends, her acquaintances, or even random strangers that would hear her sing or dance in the street from Dallas to the Danube. This kind of spark and relentless optimism drove Stephanie through some of her toughest times.

In her 56 years on this planet, there was never a dull moment with Steff. Out of thin air, she seemed to pull humor and energy in a way that defies all logic. This kind of relentless optimism was inescapable when it came to Stephanie, even in her darkest days. After all, who needs to find a silver lining if you’re soaring past the clouds? Anyone who knew Stephanie was exposed to this loving energy, and was better for it. Her son, her daughter, husband, brother, and the many people that she had an effect on in her life. Even if she did not know it, the unspeakable impact she had from decades of indomitable joy, free thinking, and, above all else, the kind of love stamped with the vibrant fingerprint only she could have will continue to flourish for as long as I can conceive. This is her gift to us. In the words of Roger Daltrey, “I’m glad Steph’s off traveling the universe instead of being stuck in a broken down vehicle… she’s at peace. I loved her.”

- Alex Alberts

In December, a donation of $50,000 was made on behalf of Stephanie by Teen Cancer America’s newest corporate partner, Circle K convenience stores. It serves as a continuing legacy of her power to connect.

You can find out more about Circle K Here

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